Stem Cell Therapy Pinellas Park

Stem Cell Therapy Pinellas Park, St Petersburg

Stem Cell Therapy Pinellas Park

Your body carries the power of regeneration and healing within itself at all times. Stem cells do this every day during your life. Stem cell therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative procedure using the natural healing power of growth factors in your blood to stimulate the response of stem cells. Stem cells are like raw clay that can be molded into anything the body wants. Stem cells can take the place of damaged cells in the body restoring lost function, reversing the aging process, and also creating a youthful appearance. We’re providing highest quality Stem Cell treatment throughout Florida. Contact us for Stem Cell Therapy Pinellas Park, St Petersburg & Tampa, Fl

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy is a revolutionary method in which the doctor uses a minimal amount of your own blood. The doctor takes key cells and proteins, which are already found in your blood, concentrates them, and re-injects them to stimulate regeneration of your body tissues. It can be used for many purposes not the least of which is for reducing the physical signs of aging such as: reducing wrinkles, improving muscle tone, and improving facial skin tone.

Since your own blood is used, there are no known side effects and no foreign or synthetic substances are used. It’s natural healing at its very best! Treatments are hypoallergenic, completely non-toxic, and there is no recovery downtime.

Our treatment methodology has been FDA Cleared and provides safe, effective, and long-lasting results. Our methods provide the highest concentration of stem cells, growth factors and platelets currently available. No activator is required which allows us to perform the procedure within 4 hours after plasma preparation with the same excellent quality.

Who is a Candidate for PRP Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy?

Not everyone is a candidate for Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy. Treatment is contraindicated in cases involving: platelet dysfunction, critical thrombocytopenia, hemodynamic instability, autoimmune disease, sepsis, acute and chronic diseases, pregnancy, chronic liver disease and anticoagulant therapy (blood thinners).

PRP Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy Can Be Used For:

  • Reducing glabella lines or wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • Reducing “frown” wrinkles
  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduction of nasolabial wrinkles
  • Reducing laugh wrinkles
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Reduction of wrinkles around the mouth
  • Rejuvenation of skin on the hands and other parts of the body
  • Encouraging the growth of hair on the scalp

How is the Treatment Performed?

The Doctor will pull out 10 to 20 ml of your blood. There will be minimal pain akin to that of getting your blood drawn for a blood test. Your blood will then be centrifuged at high speed to separate the plasma from the other components of your blood. The stem cells are then injected into the body where needed using fine needles. Depending on the individual effect desired, the plasma can be injected superficially or deep.

How Soon Can I See Results?

Initial results may already be visible after the first treatment. Although long-term effects are expected, they may take some time to develop. In a few weeks after the treatment, a general improvement in the moisture, texture, and tone of the skin is evident. After three to six weeks the development of new collagen matrices and blood vessels is underway. Over the next three to six months patients notice a disappearance of lines and wrinkles and changes in skin volume. The effects of treatment can last for up to 2 years!

What is the Recommended Treatment Protocol?

Based on many years of experience, it’s recommended to perform 3 treatments at intervals of approximately 6 weeks. The process may be repeated for 12 months if desired.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Immediately after treatment, you may experience redness, swelling, and minimal pain in the area that was treated, which generally disappears in a few hours. Most clients return to their regular daily activities immediately after treatment.

How Safe Is PRP Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy

PRP Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy is a simple and safe treatment. Your own blood is used thereby avoiding complications like transmitting diseases, allergies, or immune reactions. There are some contraindications (please see above).

What’s Included in a Treatment Package?

Our complete package covers the Stem Cell Concentrate collection, preparation, treatment procedure, and if necessary, any follow-up procedures after 2 weeks. If more areas require treatment, more Stem Cell Concentrate will be required. Generally speaking, 4 ml of Stem Cell Concentrate is required for each treatment area. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and work out and treatment plan.

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I would highly recommend him and his clinic.

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