• I love coming to this clinic! It’s nice to be able to find parking, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. I always leave feeling great. The adjustments I had during my pregnancy made my life much easier both physically & mentally. Now as a new mother, Dr. Skaro routinely adjusts my whole family. The best chiropractor in Pinellas park I have ever seen.
    The Ferguson Family
  • Great ambience! Relaxed atmosphere. Busy practice, though you are never rushed. Dr. David is a masterful Chiropractor that listens to your needs. He’s so committed to getting you better…there’s always a plan! He recommended an after-care program to keep me going. Personally, I have benefited beyond words. He’s amazing with complex cases. I have and will continue to refer clients. Highly recommended!
    Ida Lowgren
  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was experiencing neck symptoms for about a month before coming in for treatment. The pain was intense, and I did not want to do anything, or move my body. I tried using hot and cold compresses to make it feel better. Due to the pain, I was having difficulty enjoying family, friends, activities, and hobbies. Dr. Skaro was very thorough in diagnosing and treating my problem, and I would recommend that everyone should at least come in to speak with him, and listen to what he has to say.
    Barbara Nicosia
  • Thank you, Dr. Skaro, the treatment really helped, all my shoulder and neck pain is gone. I felt this good in a long time. My posture and spine have been getting better every day since. Kudos!
    Reza Pragono
  • The atmosphere, staff, and therapists are all wonderful. I really enjoyed my massage. I’ll definitely be returning for more.
    Jessica Smith
  • When I first came in for treatment, I was a real mess. My condition was getting worse, and I got the feeling that the other doctors I’d been to just didn’t believe me. Dr. David listened to my concerns, ran some new tests, and noticed some strange things were happening. He developed a custom program just for me. I’ve always been a believer of natural holistic healing, so I had no problem taking whatever supplements he recommended. It took a while, but I was seeing progress. I’ve been a patient of Dr. D’s now for many years now and would recommend him without hesitation.
    Pat Testa
  • I would like to start off by saying “Much Thanks” to Dr. Skaro and his amazing staff for the wonderful service I’ve received during my treatment. Before I started treatment, and during the beginning of it, I used to wonder if I would ever feel like my old self again. With the help of Dr. Skaro and his staff, I can say that overall I do. I still have some days where I have occasional discomfort, but overall, I feel much better. “Keep up the good work guys”. You’ve always made me feel very comfortable. Thanks.
    Stephanie Cobb
  • I just wanted to let you know your treatment was a success and I feel great! You took the time to talk to me to get an understanding of my history, lifestyle, and personal goals for improving my health. Based on this, you worked out a plan with me that not only included the personal treatment you performed, but the ionic detoxification treatment, and an occasional therapeutic massage as well. Your entire staff was always friendly and professional, even offering a nice hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy during treatment. Thanks to you, I am now ready for my cross-country drive to Arizona. I no longer have to turn my “body” to check traffic. Since I have improved movement in my neck, now I can just turn my “head”. I do plan to return to Body Works from time to time for a “check-up”. So thanks again to you and your staff
    Milt Hearle
  • I was having problems with irregular heartbeats. My cardiologist was even talking about putting in a pacemaker. Dr. Skaro gave me supplements that not only control the problem but saved me from undergoing cardiac electro-conversion.
    Mate Carich
  • I was getting desperate…I needed to get back to work. I couldn’t even dress my toddler. The pain was so bad that I wasn’t able to pick up my daughter for almost seven months. Dr. Skaro helped me get back control of my life. The long drive was definitely worth it!
    Julie Rivas

Pinellas Park Spinal Decompression Center

Very fishy. These are all fake reviews. Don't trust the 5/5.

Edit: I was looking for chiropractors around the area. All of your reviewers have reviewed the same exact locations in other states. You paid for the reviews and it's disgusting.
My experience at Pinellas park spinal decompression center has been excellent. Dr. David is very knowledgeable and he has helped me get better by using a range of techniques. I am very impressed by his ability to explain my problems in detail but in a way that I can understand. This is an easy way for me to follow my exercises without forgetting what techniques to follow.

I would highly recommend him and his clinic.

Thank you Dr. David.Best chiropractor.
Best chiropractic facility I've been to. Quick, friendly, and effective. I pulled out my lower back doing housework. I was in so much pain. I've been here twice now in the past month or so and both times I felt the staff was very efficient and professional.

I would recommend them to anyone needing care.
Very professional service! Not only have I seen massive improvements after the treatments but all the staff are friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!
Super helpful, I had chronic back pain for years which is now greatly abated to my relief! Still a ways to go with it but Dr Skaro is really friendly and assuring and explains things simply and comprehensively. The staff are also very accommodating and are more than happy to arrange when it’s been needed.