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Weight Loss Clinic Pinellas Park

Weight Loss Clinic Pinellas Park


If you’ve ever thought there’s got to be a better way to lose weight, you’re absolutely right. After years of struggling, are you finally ready for a permanent solution? The lifestyle changes that you’re about to make could change your life forever? We at Weight loss clinic Pinellas Park help you to get your body in shape.

First of all, you’re body needs to be prepared to lose weight. Like a thorough spring cleaning, certain things need to happen in order for weight loss to occur. Once you’ve detoxified your body, your body will be in a much better position to lose weight. That’s why we developed our 9-Day Nutritional Cleanse at Weight Loss Clinic Pinellas Park where you can lose up to 9 lbs in 9 days. Using our spring cleaning analogy, would it make sense to clean house, wash the carpets, and then let your dog track in fresh mud?

Our bodies are resistant to change. When we’re toxic, we’ve become accustomed, even acclimated to our toxicity. That’s what makes it so difficult for us to change. The opposite is also true. When your body is clean, healthy, and full of energy, it generally wants to stay that way too. Sometimes, all you need to do is to show it the way.

Sometimes, there are things that we encounter in the daily lives that prevent us from getting the results we desire. This could be for any number of reasons, including:

1. Social Sabotage
2. Poor Food Selection
3. Medical Problems
4. Chronic Pain & Inflammation
5. Toxicity
6. Stress & Fatigue
7. Sedentary Lifestyle
8. Character Flaws
9. Mood Swings (Hormones)
10. Wrong Information
11. Lack of a Support System
12. Lack of Doctor Supervision

Rest assured that our programs address all of these shortcomings and many more…


Many people have a thyroid gland functioning less than optimally. They fall through the cracks because their function is not low enough to require medication. A sluggish thyroid causes your metabolism to crawl reducing the number of calories burned. Over time, this can lead to considerable weight gain. Not only that, but it opens you up to constant fatigue, feeling cold, weakness, hair loss, depression, irritability, memory loss, muscle cramps, and decreased libido.

Low Testosterone

As men get older, their testosterone levels gradually decline, but there are things that can be done to prevent this rapid decline. Those afflicted by this condition can experience hair loss, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, fatigue, mood swings, and greatly diminished libido. All good
reasons to have us check things out.


Environmental toxins accumulate in the blood and are gradually eliminated by your liver and kidneys. I’m talking about toxins like the heavy metals Cadmium, Mercury, and Aluminum found in secondary cigarette smoke, not to mention chemical toxins like Benzene, pesticides, herbicides, and many others. We come into contact with these on a daily basis. Your body tries to help by isolating and surrounding these fat-soluble toxins with fat to pull them out of active circulation. Burning fat ultimately re-introduces these toxins back into the bloodstream. Once again, your body is overwhelmed, so it erects a barrier to further weight loss. By eliminating these toxins, the weight just comes off naturally with significantly less effort! Could this be responsible for the Yo-Yo diet effect?

Adrenal Fatigue

Under prolonged stress, the adrenal glands become overworked and eventually fail. Without them, we easily succumb to repetitive stress. We begin to crave sweet and salty junk foods. Leaky gut syndrome develops caused by an overgrowth of Candida. Our immunity is compromised and disease processes take hold. Our bodies won’t let
us lose weight under stress because they’re focused on preventing sickness. More toxins are created than normally would be present due to this state, amplifying the problem. Remember, not being sick is a far cry from being healthy!


Body acidity or low pH has been linked to chronic disease and is an indirect predictor of your current health status. Raising your pH level will have a profound effect on detoxification mechanisms, enzyme function, tissue repair, and chronic inflammation. It’s a natural side effect of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Chronic Pain & Inflammation

The cumulative trauma that we’ve been subjected to since childhood takes its toll on everyone. It’s just a matter of time! Chronic pain and inflammation sets in causing the adrenal glands to release cortisol to reduce the inflammation. Unfortunately, excessive cortisol causes sleeping difficulty, retarded healing, water retention, and the
accumulation of belly fat. Foods are also significant contributors to pain and chronic inflammation. Did this hit home for anyone?

Nutrition & Supplements

When and what you eat can mean the difference between success and failure. Try to eat nutritionally rich organic foods. Vitamins and minerals are essential to enable enzymes to optimally burn fat. The rule is to eat the most nutrition in the least amount of calories. That’s easy to say, yet so hard to do. Doctor’s don’t get their supplements
from drug stores or supermarkets for a very good reason. Why would you? Don’t you deserve to have the very best? That’s why our results are so noteworthy. We only use the best!

Food Selection

Over the decades, there have been so many fads and diet revolutions, that most people just don’t know what’s really right. From my perspective, it’s a question of “what’s right for the patient.” Part of the battle is to dispel all the myths that we’ve been led to believe as gospel truth for so long. You may just be pleasantly surprised once you’ve been
properly trained and start to see the results you’ve been waiting for…

Social Sabotage

It must be hard to lose weight when you’re surrounded by friends eating pizza, drinking soda, smoking cigarettes, and chugging a beer. You may be strong enough to stay the course for a while, but you could crumble at any time. Instead, surround yourself with supportive individuals. Enlist the aid of friends or partners that are willing to go through the program with you. Our clinic has its own Support System for that very reason.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney problems, anxiety, and stress are all factors that need to be addressed. The good news is that they can be individually addressed, and that permanent weight loss is possible even under these circumstances.

Bad Habits

Did you ever try to put Diesel fuel a Gasoline engine? I can honestly say that I have, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The motor ran rough, spewed toxic smoke, and there was no energy. The same can be said of human beings. If we eat poorly and fill our bodies with toxins, we should expect similar results. Smoking contains numerous fat-soluble
chemical toxins that are very harmful to us, not to mention heavy metals. Drinking alcohol in excess can also have a profound effect on the liver function including detoxification. Eating processed foods could lead to diabetes, dysbiosis, yeast infections, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic inflammation. Yes, foods are significant contributors to pain and chronic inflammation.


Did you know that it’s entirely possible to lose weight without exercising? If your metabolism and hormones are balanced, weight loss should not be a problem. That being said, losing weight without exercising can be problematic in other ways. Not only will it take longer, but you run the risk of getting discouraged prematurely. Seeing the results of your weight loss early is crucial to your ultimate success.

Weight loss Doctors Pinellas County

9-Day Nutritional Cleanse

This is a great Weight Loss Programs In Pinellas County by Weight loss Doctors Pinellas County to jump-start a nutritional cleansing lifestyle, or a long-term weight loss program.

Caution: THE 9-DAY Program is intended as a thorough cleansing approach only for those people without any medical complications or conditions. If you have diabetes, heart disease, are taking medications, are under 18 years of age, or are over 70, the 30 Day Program may be a better choice for you. Before starting any new weight management program, you should consult your family doctor. We’ll be monitoring your progress all the way.

“Lose 9 lbs in 9 Days”

30-Day Weight Loss Programs In Pinellas County

If you still have weight to lose after completing the 9 Day Nutritional Cleanse, you may continue with our 30-day program. More dramatic results may be obtained with the accelerated 30 days Cleansing and Fat-Burning Programs. Ask us to help you choose the best program for you. As with all weight management programs, appropriate nutritional supplementation will be recommended by Dr. David V. Skaro. For better results, he can customize this program specifically to your needs.